Dr. Hanadie Basil

Integrative Health
Pain Management Practitioner

Dr. Hanadie Basil is an Integrative Health and Pain Management Practitioner, author, keynote speaker, wellness mentor, health entrepreneur, and the founder of “THE PAIN MANAGER” Health and Wellness Company, Dubai, UAE.

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Dr. Hanadie Basil is an Integrative Health and Pain Management Practitioner, author, keynote speaker, wellness mentor, health entrepreneur, and the founder of THE PAIN MANAGER DMCC - Health and Wellness Company creating a transformative wellness-centered community for women affected by imbalanced lifestyle choices.

She is an integrative health expert at conferences around the region and was featured in different top publications over the past ten years, providing her knowledge on best practices for prolonging life and improving health.Her mission is to help people get their pain-free life by integrating the latest scientific research with the power of ancient natural therapies. Her journey with personal health challenges throughout the past twenty years in UAE inspired her to merge modern clinical proficiency with natural therapeutics. Today, she uses her years of research, certifications, and awards in health and wellness to help clients of all levels from mild to critically ill with tremendous results. She trained in various kinds of advanced and intermediate therapeutic practices, inclusive of Neuroactive Exercise, REHAB fitness training, Clinical Aromatherapy, JIN SHIN JYUTSU (Japanese Acupressure). She is also certified as a Diet- Nutrition Consultant to provide a comprehensive package for her clients.Dr. Hanadie got her bachelor’s and postgraduate master’s degree in comparative surgery specialized in “Biodegradable Bone Prosthesis” from the University of Baghdad, Iraq and worked as an assistant professor and researcher at many universities and institutes. She pursued her career as a comparative surgeon, environmental and health researcher at ERWDA, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her passion for knowledge has led her to seek and gain natural health and integrative therapy global certifications for the last ten years. She is a part of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), a member of National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), REHAB-TRAINER AU, Lifestyle Prescriptions University (LPU), and Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (Reps UAE).Dr. Hanadie has hosted and managed many workshops and lectures in Dubai covering many aspects of health and wellness, guiding and teaching health professionals and stay-at-home mothers. She also delivered national and international lectures, speeches, and interviews in different educational institutes and businesses as a guest speaker for effective nutrition, fitness, and well-being care in Dubai and Sharjah. Thus, devising innovative health and wellness strategies that enable businesses and individuals from many levels to manage their everyday practices. She co-authored (The Women Who Inspire) a book, integrative health and wellness journals, and newspapers for the In Essence Magazine - IFPA, The National Newspaper - UAE. She shared and delivered as a keynote speaker in integrative health case studies and research in alternative medicine and nutrition chemistry conference which won her recognition awards of alternative medicine and nutrition - World Congress Meetup.


- Recognition Award in Keynote Speaking, Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 2nd World Congress, 2019.
- Recognition Award in Moderating, Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 2nd World Congress, 2019.
- Recognition Award in Speaking, Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, 11th World Congress, 2018.
- Recognition Award in Moderating, Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, 11th World Congress, 2018.
- Appreciation Award in Supervision and evaluation, Dubai Medical University, World Food Day 2012.

Books and Publications

- Women Who Inspire, Co Author, Book, 2021.
- IFPA International Professional Aromatherapists Practices in China, Barbados and Dubai, In Essence (Journal of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists), 2020.
- The fibromyalgia flow 4 life: Practical Guide for health and wellness, Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 2nd World Congress, 2019.
- The 7-ferment plan for weight loss: Practical Guide for health and wellness, Journal of Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, 11th World Congress, 2018.
- On fermented food in the UAE: Where to find it and why you should eat it, The National Newspaper (UAE), 2018.

Workshops, Seminars, and Webinars

- Genetic Positivity, Myth or Truth? Webinar, UAE.
- Why Me? Visionary Coaching, Webinar, UAE.
- REHAB Your Health...What's Next...After the Virus? Webinar , UAE.
- Natural and Alternative Businesses for Women.. What, How, and Why?, Seminar, UAE.
- Integrative vs Comparative Medicine, Seminar, UAE.
- Pain Management in Transverse Myelitis, Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia, Workshop, UAE.
- Pain Management for Pre and Postnatal clients, Natural Healthcare Seminar, UAE.
- Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Fitness and Sport Injuries, Seminar, UAE.
- Integrated Nutrition Consultation Guidelines, Seminar, UAE.
- The Dangers of Diet and Nutrition Trends, Seminar, UAE.
- Autoimmune Conditions, The Full Story, Seminar, UAE.
- COVID Immunity Boost (Family health and wellness), Workshop, UAE.
- The 7 FERMENT Plan (Fermented food and weight loss), Seminar, UAE – UK.
- The Fibromyalgia Flow 4 Life (Practical guide for health and wellness), Seminar, UAE – UK.
- How to Reset, Restart, and Restore health, fitness, and immunity, Workshop, UAE.
- The comparative surgeon - holistic champion metamorphose, Seminar, UAE.
- Health and Wellness tips to boost productivity in your organization, Workshop, UAE.
- Exercise and nutrition, are they enough? Seminar, UAE.
- Rehab your life: Staying pain-free, regaining your health, wellness, and fitness, Workshop, UAE.
- TRE Trauma Release Exercise, Neurological Response, Workshop, UAE.
- Holistic medicine and pain management, Seminar, UAE.
- Jin Shin Jyutsu and the science of acupressure, Workshop, UAE.
- DETOX! The harsh truth about detox trends, Workshop, UAE.
- Aromatherapy and herbal oils roles in sports injury, Workshop, UAE.
- Pregnancy and Baby Herbal Preparations Safety, Workshop, UAE.

Certificates and Qualifications

- BSc (DVMS, Comparative Medicine Program) University of Baghdad, Iraq.
- MSc (MVS, Orthopedic Surgery, Biodegradable Bone Implants) University of Baghdad, Iraq.
- Lifestyle Prescription® Foundation Certificate, USA.
- Level 3 YMCA Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement, UAE.
- Level 3 YMCA Award in Education and Training, UAE.
- International Board-Certified Hypnotherapist (OMNI Basic and Advanced), UAE.
- Management and Marketing Certificate, Make It Happen University, UAE.
- Master REHAB-TRAINER (Clinical Taping, Biofeedback, and Injury Assessment), AU.
- Essential REHAB-TRAINER (Pain Management, Injury, and Training), AU.
- Level 1 Hypopressive RSF Instructor (Functional Systemic Reprogramming), Spain.
- Breathing Techniques Certificate. UAE.
- Cardiovascular Techniques Certificate, UAE.
- Neural assessment Programming Certificate, UAE.
- Brain-Based Fitness Certificate, UAE.
- The Feldenkrais Method Certificate, UAE.
- Exercising with Scoliosis Certificate, UAE.
- Pelvic Floor Fitness Certificate, UAE.
- Level 3 Active IQ Pre and Postnatal Exercise and Nutrition, UAE.
- Level 3 Active IQ Personal Training Diploma, UK.
- Level 2 Active IQ Gym Fitness Instructor Diploma , UK.
- Level 2 Practitioner Zhong Yuan Qigong Certificate, UAE.
- Level 1 Practitioner Zhong Yuan Qigong Certificate, UAE.
- Level 3 ITEC Diet and Nutrition Diploma, UK.
- Level 1 Performance Nutrition Diploma, AU.
- ERGON®IASTM Technique International Diploma, Greece.
- Gua Sha and Cupping Certificate (Chinese therapeutic technique), UAE.
- Sport Massage Certificate, UAE.
- Level 4/5 Holistic Massage Diploma, UK.
- Level 3 ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma, UK.
- Baby and Pregnancy on Site Massage Certificate, UAE.
- Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certificate, UAE.
- Reflexology and Foot Mapping Certificate, UAE.
- Hand Reflexology Certificate, UAE.
- Level 4/5 Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma, UK.
- Level 3 ITEC Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma, UK.
- Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy Practitioner (Japanese Acupressure) Certificate, USA.
- Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy Self-help Tutor (Japanese Acupressure) Certificate, USA.
- Skeletal-Endocrinology-Oncology -Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy (Japanese Acupressure) Certificate, USA.


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